Due to the Bureau of Meteorolgy forecast of temperatures over 40 degrees, Bylaw 3.78 will be invoked.


3.78     In the case of extreme heat (40o C or more) being forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology on the day preceding games, all games will be cancelled by BQ. 


                        3.78.1  An umpire has the discretion to call a game due to extreme temperature,                      but can only do so after consultation with both coaches.









Back to Back Gold Coast Winter A Grade Champions

Congratulations to our Winter A Grade side. During the winter we have had a number of close tussels with Robina without winning. But in Satuday's grand final everything came together and the boys were outstanding and won 4-nil. Team members are (Back Row L to R) Robbie Carlson, Koki Tanaka, Luc Plata, (Coach), Jason Carlson, Ashley Graham, Brodie Lyon, (Front Row L to R) Tyler Leskiw, Hidetoshi Kurumada, Kyle Graham and Mackenzie Quarterman.


Gold Coast Baseball Association MVP 2014 Winter Season

We are very proud of our Koki Tanaka who has had an outstanding season and we congratulate him on being voted the Associations A-Grade MVP. Koki is about to return back to Japan. We are hoping that you have enjoyed your stay at Surfers and you are welcome back anyday. 

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