Winter Baseball

The Winter season is fast approaching and the following is information about the season.


Probable Season commencement date: 

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Number of games:

Between 18 and 20 rounds

Finals series:

Over 2 weeks

Competition grades:

Competitive: A and B Grades

Social: C and D Grades

Juniors playing in Winter:

All junior players must be 15 years of age to play Senior baseball.

Game Days and Times:


Likely to be 11:00am and 1:30pm for A & B and C & D Grades

Practice & training (during season):

Training to be held every Wednesday afternoon commencing at 4:00pm (Weather permitting)

Pre-season training:

Sunday 2nd April from 9:00am (Weather permitting)

Other dates TBA


The cost is split into two parts (QLD Baseball and Club fees)

Part 1: $172.46 which is paid online during signup (You cannot take the field until registered and paid online)

Part 2: An invoice will be issued for the club fees. For more information please email


Online Registration:

To play Winter Baseball you must register and pay online using the online registration portal.
NOTE: If you have played in the summer season you are not required to register again, please express your interest by emailing


Please see the below FAQ’s for tips.


Forgot your username and password:

Email and this can be provided to you.


Want to change your username and password:

  1. Obtain your username and password.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Select Update my details along the toolbar.
  4. Scroll down to access, and type your own username and password.

Setting your own username and password may make it easier to remember in the future.


Cannot find Masters registration online:

Masters is no longer a an available competition, all players must select senior or junior registration.